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2021 FOOTBALL AND CHEER registration is coming soon.

We are planning to have a 2021 season this year.
We will have 2021 registration details and a link to register up soon. Practice starts July 27th, 2021. Please stay tuned and spread the word to your friends and family. 

Current age and weight requirements for NEYSA
Division Weight Striper Age as of July 1st
Mini 90lb. over 90lbs. 5,6,7 *
Freshmen 110lb. over 110lbs. 8,9
JV 135lb. over 135lbs. 10,11
Varsity 160lb. over 160lbs 12,13,14 **
 *-Mini Player (5 year olds) must turn 6 BEFORE Oct 1st
**- Varsity player (13 year old) can turn 14 AFTER April 1st of current year

Questions? email:,,

Thank you and we hope to see you this season

2020 VIPERS FOOTBALL REGISTRATION 12- 14 year olds ONLY (Age as of July 1st 2020- cannot turn 14 after April 1st) or VIPERS CHEER REGISTRATION

Sign-up cost is $75. If your athlete remains with the team through week 4, and you fulfill your volunteer requirements, you will receive a $50 refund!! Cheer registration discount is in effect through April 30th.

2020 Football and Cheer Registration For ALL FOOTBALL PLAYERS AGES 5 - 11 (must be 6 before Oct 31, 2020)

This link is for all teams EXCEPT the VIPERS Athletes!!. Please use the link above for Vipers athletes.

NEYSA's website

For all of our rules and regulations and ages and weights click on this link. Scroll down to Rules and Regulations

Congratulations to the Undefeated 2018 NFJFC VIPERS! NEYSA Champions!!

Eight years in the making, these young men and women have been working hard to reach this epic championship level . They have achieved it on and off the field! We are so proud of all of them.  Great job to ALL the coaches and everyone who influenced them through this great journey. This is TRULY a special group of kids!!!!

                             I CAN....I WILL!!!!!!


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Club Throwback and History Section

02/27/2014, 3:30pm EST
By Joe Vekich

Help display and restore NFJFC History

With the season soon to be in full swing the current Board members are looking to restore the clubs history, but we need everyone's help.

Current and past Players, Cheerleaders, Coaches, Board Members, Moms, Dads, brothers, sisters, and friends. Any photos or club articles you run across please contact a current board member, at the very least we would like to make copies or take photos of the articles to share on our site.

Our vision is to build an NFJFC alumni association and reconnect with teammates from past years.

Thank you,

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